digital solution center

digital solution center

3shape TRIOS Scaner

The open-scan system enables dentists to work with their chosen dental skills to share the full range of dental services, dental technicians and manufacturers' technical services. DentaSwiss by 3Shape TRIOS® provides dentists the highest quality dental prosthetics and treats more patients. DentaSwiss uses CAD / CAM technology from 3Shape to lead the dental community's contribution to digital dentistry in dentistry.

We are now able to bring this proven advantage to you. The digital in-mouth impression solutions used by the TRIOS® clinic make dentists more productive, more profitable and more competitive, and expand their reach. Like X-ray images, we think all traditional bite dies will be fully digitized soon.

DentaSwiss by 3Shape TRIOS® Helps dentists join a new era in digital dentistry. Dental digitization is being "fast forward" driven by continuous advances in technology. Utilize the TRIOS® DentaSwiss solution to solve complex cases such as custom support and support high-quality restorations. 3Shape's Ultrafast Optical Sectioning ™ technology represents the next generation of digital imaging. Unique features of DentaSwiss by 3Shape TRIOS® include: No need for powder scans, high precision fit for a variety of dental indications, high-quality clinical results and immediate treatment of your wide range of problems online to assist you in the successful completion of digital dentures Production.

The advantages of mouth sweeping machine:

Save time - serve more patients and engage in more treatment
Save Money - Reduce the cost of impression materials, shipping and reprinting
Get digital precision - avoid human error, improve patient experience and comfort